David J. Greene is a writer of poetry, aphorisms, and fiction. Growing up, he had the opportunity to relocate every few years, meeting new people and experiencing diversity all across the globe. His goal is to compel people to not just see the world at face value, but to look beyond and realize every person has a unique story to tell.

“Our stories may vary, but our determination to make the world a better place one person at a time, can very much be shared.” – David J. Greene

His mission is to make people smile, and provide inspiration and support to anyone whose life he touches. David has published several books and short stories, though his main focus today is poetry and writing motivational quotes. He loves to think outside of the box and some of his ideas have been published for the entertainment and performing community, most notably magicians.

“No matter what you do or what goals you have in place there will always be detours and setbacks. These obstacles might not be something that you can control; the trick is to never stop trying.” – David J. Greene

Self-awareness is most important to David. When given the opportunity, he always does something today that makes tomorrow better. Even though he’s written poetry for years, he never thought about sharing it with others until he received some invaluable guidance. When he was told it was truly selfish to keep talents hidden, he took that sage advice and he’s glad he did. Finding purpose in life is his effort to pay it forward.

This is his story.

A Few Books Written by David J. Greene


Based on a Bold Faced Lie

Based on a Bold Faced Lie is a collection of nine short stories with slightly unique twists:

Tired of civilization, Professor Lloyd Wagner takes a sabbatical, chronicling his journey. But when he returns, he finds everyone is gone. What happened to the people? How does he cope with his new found loneliness?
When Paul is taken before his time, he is given the rare chance to be reunited with his fiancée. Sadly, discovering she has moved on, he blames love and plots a revenge that only a divine intervention can stop!
What does the moon have to do with the secretive Illuminati? Eric, a determined teen, discovers the truth and sets out to uncover their plans!
After being reunited with his long lost love of poetry, David uses his rhyming rhetoric to seduce a younger woman. Soon, he discovers that what happens behind closed doors happens behind closed doors for a humorous and slightly sexy reason!
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Pieces of Life

Through poetry I find a path to make one cry, to make one laugh. Hinted expressions of how I feel. Epitome of something real. David J. Greene’s style of poetry is one all to its own. Not only is it expressive and motivational, it’s beautifully written and undeniably honest. David’s way of explaining his inner emotions and thoughts leaves you yearning for yet one more line. His poems draw you in, hold you close, and leave you recklessly turning the page to see what the next one has in store. Order now


Status:Mission Critical

As the fate of the planet lies in the hands of two scientists, Dr. Vinsant and Dr. Maak develop their own opinions on what the end should hold. One scientist’s loyalty to an experiment reinforces the idea of letting science take its course, while the other’s love and compassion towards the planet consumes him. Status: Mission Critical is a novella for people interested in science fiction oriented suspense, with an undertone of worldly appreciation. Not only is the scenery vivid and worth exploring, the storyline is sure to keep you quickly moving from one paragraph to the next – striving to delve deeper into the story until you’ve soaked up every last page! Order now

Aphorisms & Aspirations

We all start our life’s journey as a blank slate. Trudging through the inevitable ups and downs sometimes requires a courage we may not always possess. Within the pages of this book, you will find unique quotes that will inspire you to move forward, no matter how hard the struggle. When it seems all hope is lost, there are words that can bring not only comfort, but may perhaps shine a light on your troubles and allow you to see past what’s holding you back, giving you the tools to add sunshine to an otherwise gloomy day. Order now

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